Letter From the Editors- Spring 2021

Dear Viewer, 

Welcome to the Spring 2021 Edition of Epic Magazine! While this isn’t usually how the magazine is presented, we are thankful that we can digitally bring everyone’s work to life. After all of the amazing submissions from the Winter Issue, we are beyond excited to see what everyone has come up with this spring! 

Despite AP’s and looming final exams, we are grateful that people are still taking the time to immerse themselves in a creative environment. Furthermore, we are also very proud that people are able to courageously share and be proud of their work in this Epic community. Like last winter, we also decided to include everyone, from the Middle School, to faculty/staff, and the Upper School. 

Finally, we would like to extend a big thank you to Alma Clark ’20 for making this website a reality. Her creativity, hard work, and dedication has continued to make the magazine successful. We would like to express our immense gratitude for our faculty advisor, Ms. Frye, for her support, guidance, and her constant helping hand throughout this entire process. We also commend our co-editors, Emma Levinbook and Izzy Burke, in addition to the rest of the Epic Staff for all their input and ideas.  

Great work on all of the amazing submissions we received! As summer approaches, we hope that the art and writing featured in this issue will inspire you all to continue being creative in your own ways. Enjoy!

Best Wishes, 

Sydney Dwyer ‘21 and Melissa Hasbrouck ‘21

May 25, 2021

Kingswood Oxford School

West Hartford, CT