“Shadow Onslaught” By Ethan Stec

By Ethan Stec ’25 Chapter I A War Without Pause Embedded deep on that Nacht das Elends, a Monday evening in the circa November 12, 2021 in the industrial city yet dystopian, Pocahontas, Massachusetts, residency performed as usual. The ‘usual’, just one another day for its inhabitants stitched into the confines of a biohazardous conflict. […]

“English 5 in a Nutshell” By Theodore Stephan

By Theodore Stephan ’23 As juniors in this English class today,  We read and write to fill the hour of class, Inside our brains the cells shrink and decay,  I would prefer to catch a largemouth bass.    With rod and reel and tackle in my hand, I head out to escape the pain of […]

“simple, approachable poem” By Nate Welsh

By Nate Welsh ’22 THERE’S A BEAR BEHIND YOU WATCH OUT!oh, just joking; ’twas a geothermal vent,but now that i have your attention would, maybe, i don’t know,would you like to go watch a movie sometime?just you and the poem. i don’t know maybethis is silly but i think we’d have a nice time, […]


By Avi Lohr ’24 Love Story   The air sounded like city and smelled like spring and  Painted leaves danced around them like a season of their own He smiled She kissed him, though she couldn’t quite reach Looked away He kissed her back They looked to the stars but saw different constellations Hers were […]

“Go Crazy” By Nate Welsh

By Nate Welsh ’22 allow your brain to be thiswhirring bit of ticker tape that, in the act,sounds like song, or laughter, or pain

“Imaginary Art” By Maya Gerritis

By Maya Gerritis ’25 Imaginary Art I am pink and blue, and purple I create a painting of a sort. A broken, beautiful masterpiece. A dark pink watercolor on my cheeks, A deep brown on my lashes, And a swirling blue in my eyes.   He was purple and green, and black. He added to […]

“To a Friend on HIs 18th Birthday” By Johnny Kung

By Johnny Kung ’23 To the artistic, smile-giving Muse, whose heart’s so warming, like the Sun, it shines, with charming image and sweetness like dews, you are the child of greatness, how refined!   “A bird in a cage,” as some John may say, Your feathers tattered by a love most stern. But you stood […]

“10 trees: a grouping-together of words” By Nate Welsh

By Nate Welsh ’22 A farmer once owned a vast expanse of land. He, along with his sons and a couple of hired hands, worked the land, planted the crops, cared for the livestock. Much of his acreage comprised pastureland, throughout which one would frequently find a few of his sheep, perhaps. A pastoral scene […]

“One By One” By Ally LaCroix

By Ally LaCroix ’24 Routine was always a part of her life. For the past ten years since her husband passed away, she had always followed the same routine.  Each morning, as her eyes began to open, she would roll to the right side of her bed where her husband had always slept, often, expecting […]

“Tempest” By Jolie Flash

By Jolie Flash ’23 TempestStinging, burning, streaks in the skyElectrifying, new ashes fall downIt hits the groundStay away from the water,Not a time to swim, zap, strange patterns blossom on skinPatterns bloom, heart, slows, critical conditionEveryone knows that AstrapeDangerous as she is pretty.Terrifying as she is graceful.Powerful as she is bright.Goddess AstrapeCracking, Booming, noises in […]


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