Letter from the Editors- 2020

Dear viewer, 

Welcome to the Spring 2020 Edition of Epic Magazine! While this isn’t usually how the magazine is presented, we are very excited to see it come to life digitally! We truly believe that quarantine has given us an opportunity to take Epic in a new direction and that is how this website was born. 

Amidst these uncertain and challenging times,  we know that it is easy to give in to worry, hopelessness,  and doubt. However, art has the power to cultivate togetherness, provoke introspection, and foster a greater appreciation for life. This is why we thought it was important to draw our community back to this beautiful mode of expression. It is why we opened this issue up to the Middle School as well as faculty/staff in addition to the Upper School. We believe that including a greater range of voices in our community will introduce a greater diversity of thought and emotion, and thus inspiration. 

Finally, we would like to extend a big thank you to Alma Clark ’20 for helping us bring our vision of this website to fruition so gracefully and artistically. Her hard work, reliability, and commitment has made this endeavor a true success. We would like to express our immense gratitude for our faculty advisor, Ms. Frye, for her support, guidance, and her constant helping hand throughout this entire process. We also commend our staff members: Melissa Hasbrouk, Marwynn Somridhivej, Alyssa Pilecki, Izzy Burke, Emma Levinbrook, Regina Miller, and Macy Isenberg for all their input and ideas.  

This process has been very rewarding for us, and we hope that the art presented here can serve as a source of inspiration, creativity, hope, and appreciation. Enjoy. 

With light, 

Esha, Cecilia, and Juanita

May 28, 2020
Kingswood Oxford School
West Hartford, CT