“Tempest” By Jolie Flash

By Jolie Flash ’23

Stinging, burning, streaks in the sky
Electrifying, new ashes fall down
It hits the ground
Stay away from the water,
Not a time to swim, zap, strange patterns blossom on skin
Patterns bloom, heart, slows, critical condition
Everyone knows that Astrape
Dangerous as she is pretty.
Terrifying as she is graceful.
Powerful as she is bright.
Goddess Astrape
Cracking, Booming, noises in the sky
Trembling, kids scream and howl
They run, to safety
Stay away from the windows
Not a time to stare, crash, glass breaks through skin
Skin breaks, heart races, terrible condition
Everyone knows that Bronte
Frightening as she is pretty.
Horrifying as she is lovely.
Delightful as she is loud.
Goddess Bronte
Sisters of the storms of lightning and thunder
Twins sharing a duty from a king
Greek, bold, enchanting, powerful
The sisters, helpers of Zeus
Their powers forces to be reckoned with,
Their nature intermingled in fate.