“A House on 23rd Street” By Teddy Schwartz

By Teddy Schwartz ’22

Walking up steps towards unknown dark

From outside, the house is perfectly still

The shutters creak with unknown agony

Up from above the house the full moon laughs

The crow’s caw and scuttle as a murder

What could be past the threshold of horror

The door pocked with the grime of past horror’s

The door opens into a chasm of  dark

A single step more could mean a murder

The deeds of the past seem alive yet still

A step and the floorboards weep with laughs

Each movement, a chorus of agony

A painting of a girl, in agony

The sent of the hallways is of horror

A piano plays somewhere, like a laugh

The first room, small square and shrouded in dark

Covered in dust, everything lays still

The scene is set for the perfect murder

Down the stairs, the walls red like a murder

Each step eternity of agony

Finally the bottom, everything still

Slowly turning and it is there, horror

A sight to descend the strongest to dark

piano goes silent as do the laughs