“Pondering, or a collection of words that make up my mind” by Avi Lohr

by Avi Lohr ’24

If I live for today
Why is the morning my muse?
And if I live for tomorrow
Why is it still just a fantasy?

I wish I could dream without the knowledge
That tomorrow would come to tear it all down

I wish I could live in a gust of wind
Without the fear, not even of being blown away
But of losing control

I suppose we’re all wanderers,
Dancing with the stars
I suppose were all a little bit lost
Seeing you wrapped in the morning I can’t help but wonder if we aren’t all a little bit found as well

I’m walking the line between what I know is right
And what my heart feels when no one’s watching
I’m not the only traveler, no,
This wire is polished by the footsteps
Of all the wanderers before

But for now I’m alone
Alone with the clouds
And the tottering balance of a heart

I wish I could be content for longer than a single fleeting moment
I wish I could tell you
I’d never need anything more than your hand in mine but
if you want to know the truth I don’t think I’ll ever find home

but you took this vagabond heart and you made it yours

and I thank you.