“Dreamland” by Avi Lohr

by Avi Lohr ’24

Winner- Best Poetry

when I’m alone with these walls I fly away
away to the land of my childhood
where I danced with fairies and played in the crystal stream
but now
the land has been twisted, the tree roots gnarled
the sunshine gone hazy with the ghosts of forgotten dreams
I see the beauty in the wildflowers that grow in the cracks in the pavement

the land has been twisted, not with unuse
but with all the broken things I send down the rabbithole because
I can’t bear them anymore

the roots have been gnarled, not with time
but with all the words I wished away
and all their cuts that never healed

and the ghosts that threaten to block out the sun
are the ghosts of who I once was
cast away on that healing spring wind

when I’m alone these walls become words
I can feel them closing in, tighter and tighter until
I become the wildflower in the sidewalk crack