“a4 divici and a warning” by Nate Welsh

by Nate Welsh ’22

Winner- Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Prize

wash up!
supper time, kiddo!
stay well!
eat good foods, Dougie!

when may I finally depart to a different pond?
I enjoy athletics.
is there a lack of value attributed to my opinions?
I eat good foods.

prepare yourself!
on the table are foods!
toss and catch the ball!
practice the ball!

must i deign to capture the ball?
I have a love.
is my presence solidified?
I know love.

go to occupation now!
remain present always‽
apply keen linens!
act out now‽

will i desire to go to the movies?
I see my love.
is there a feeling of rebirth in that place?
I believe my love.

umbrellas are for rain!
i love colors now‽
allow the populace to brandish umbrellas!
i feel the rain against my integument‽

can i dart past the bluegrass?
I feel everything.
did i read a book?
I hear everything.

regress to the place!
prepare for a scent of oil!
voyage to the port!
the rain has become muddled!

is there a love at the dock?
I sense a new era dawning.
how can i get there?
I feel the forces rising and falling.

un-upholstered furniture abounds!
furniture in there looks upholstered!
radio parlance!
sonic audiovisual conveyance!

am i a designator of understanding?
I enjoy un-upholstered furniture.
am i true?
I do not let others know.

Oh, don’t worry; you are loved!