“Why Can’t We?” by Norah Pond

by Norah Pond ’26

Winner- Best Poetry

Why is one race considered better than the others?
Who decided white is harmless and black is not?
What can we do to become equal with our brothers?
How can we ensure that no more innocent people are shot?

These questions have run through everyone’s mind
And I, myself, do not have the answer.
But is it really that hard to be caring and kind?
To prevent injustice from spreading like cancer?

As a white person, I can never know
What it is like on the other side.
Yet, I am willing to learn and grow
And try to lessen the huge divide.

Breonna Taylor, Michael Brown, George Floyd,
Say their names loud and clear.
Do not try to deny or avoid,
Take a moment, let it ring around your ear.

Let the pain and hurt course through your veins
As you realize how many names have been filed.
Think about the sixth graders, training their brains,
The same age as Tamir Rice, only a child.

Cries of “Black Lives Matter” ring all around,
White and Black alike create a song that is new.
As we make sure no one’s voices are drowned,
Ask yourself “What can I do?”