“The Walls” by Lucia Martinez-Castro

by Lucia Martinez-Castro ’23

You didn’t want the walls to love you
Or whisper like they did to everyone else

They were cruel and mean and they envied you
And they hid their greed behind a facade of adoration

They were at your back leaning over your shoulders
Towering over your head and whispering through your hair

And sometimes you wanted to shout at them
To kick their balance away and watch them crumble

But the walls had conversed with the barriers
They had known you wanted to leave

And the walls didn’t want to loosen their grip
So they spoke to the pavement

So the pavement glued your feet to the floor
And sadly told you it was sorry

Metros swung by your eyes
Pulling your face to the world the walls didn’t let you see

But the walls noticed your longing
And convinced the heavens to drape its fog across the skyline

So the heavens clouded your eyes and your lips
And gave you asthma

A fate worse than the love you wanted to leave
A resentment that the walls hid behind suffocating intimacy

There is a reason the walls are built.
There is a reason you will always fail.