“The Hate Epidemic” by Emma Levinbook

by Emma Levinbook ’22

Another global epidemic looms.
It is one that too infests us,
Creeping and seeping into our veins,
Taking over our homes and
Our hearts and
Our communities and
Our livelihoods.
Hate is destroying everything in its wake.

“George Floyd told officers ‘I can’t breathe’
More than 20 times, transcripts show.”
“Dereck Chauvin, the officer kneeling on his neck, replied:
‘It takes a heck of a lot of oxygen to talk.’”
Floyd lay weak
“Chauvin’s murder trial begins.”
Hate is destroying everything in its wake.

It greets us at our doorstep
And follows us as we walk
As we talk
As we live.
Hate’s insatiable appetite for violence and destruction
Cannot be satisfied.
And it seems to never be content
No matter how much it burns and blasts and breaks
The already fragile world around us.
Hate is destroying everything in its wake.

“A man killed 4 in rampage in Maryland, police say.”
“Man charged with 10 counts of of first-degree murder in Colorado grocery store shooting.”
“U.K. police investigating London attack on pregnant Jewish woman.”
“8 dead in Atlanta spa shootings, with fears of anti-Asian bias.”
Hate is destroying everything in its wake.

“Stop the hate.
It is time to put a stop to hate violence.
Join us now and show that the world conquers hate.”
But does it?
The tragic truth is that
Hate has destroyed everything in its wake.