“Silent Music” by Eben Bauman

by Eben Bauman ‘26

Winner- Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Prize

      they  are  
    the  ocean.  flowing  
back  and  forth.  they  are
 the  river.  rushing  down the 
  stream.  they  are  the  music.
    the  notes  flying  across  the  sky.
     silent  like  the  wind.  like  a  symphony  
        for  our  eyes.  the  melody  swoops. the
           harmony  dives.  the  perfect  performance.
              all  dancing  in  unison.  they  are  the 
                    ocean.         they          are  the
                                            river.  they  are   
                                              the  music.   
                                              silent  music.