“Come and Change Me” by Lucia Martinez-Castro

by Lucia Martinez-Castro ’23

Come, approach and take my hand,
Grasp my wrist and whisper my name
So it dances with the rising sun.

Come and change me,
If you dare,
Come and cradle my waist
Come and taste my lips
Come and spin me until our hands are tied.

Come closer and ask me to leave,
Ask me to run,
Because if it’s you who mutters the bittersweet words
I might just listen.

Fill my lungs with a cold wind that lights up my heart,
Embrace my body in light and darkness.
Claim me
Call me yours

We can leave the billboards that bore us,
We can scream at the pavement that doesn’t dare bully us anymore,
We can fly over the bridges that had never before let us run.

Be mine
And I will be yours.