“The Fall” by Avi Lohr

by Avi Lohr ’24

we could dream this day away,
we could dream this life away;
we could be the morning

but somehow i want more
i want to be alive; i want to be with you
is that too much to ask?

do you see the silhouettes on the fog?
like ghosts, intangible dreams
i dance with the shadows reflected on the morning

did you see him dancing with the moonlight?
did you feel the constellations kissing your skin?
did you see the woman sitting on the edge of the night
dipping her feet into the new day?

did you see the boy with the guitar made of ivy green?
does his song haunt you too?
did you see the child in the ball gown,
spraying wildflowers as they spun?

did you hear the leaves as november whispered to them,
secrets and dreams and nights lost to the ages?

do you feel the new day on your skin,
and the way the night lingers behind your eyelids,
how the morning fog winds its way into your heart?

can you feel yesterday flitting away now,
free like a hummingbird from your chest?
do you see the blackbirds painting the blue?
do you see the gold winding its way through the world,
can you feel the starlight still lingering on your bare feet?

do you see the dew as it catches the stories that no one dares to whisper?
do you hear the universe as it sings it’s fables and it’s lullabies to your heart,
nighttime seas and morning mist?

can you see my heart in the breath of this earth,
dancing through the trees and grasses,
soaring over star-filled seas,
all just to be next to yours?

will you let it in?