“Reflection” by Isaias Wooden

by Isaias Wooden ’22


Had my vision been clearer I would not have to stare at this grave. Had I had more patience I would not have to carry this sorrow. But this is a burden I placed on myself.

You brought happiness to our household when you were born.
I had never seen your Uncle Yoseb as happy as he was when he brought you your favorite Pumpkin Taffy at the end of each week.

Noa, my son, you were loved.

I know growing up wasn’t easy.
I know you hated going to school with the strong smell of Kimchi on your clothes.
You worked hard to distinguish yourself among your Japanese peers.

Smart, Sharp, Diligent. You were my pride.

You did everything right Noa. You tried your hardest. I was in the wrong. I brought him into your life once again.
My heart will forever be damaged now that you’re gone.

If the God that Isak believed in is real, you will find acceptance in death, my beloved son.