“It’s okay, It’s alright” by Lia Prahl

by Lia Prahl ’27

Everything might not be turning out well,
it’s not like I can’t tell
don’t be sad if your confidence fell,
it’s okay,
it’s all right.
everybody’s freaking out.
don’t know what it’s about.
you may be full of self doubt,
but it’s okay,
it’s all right.
don’t let other people get in your head
try to think,
“Is it my fear, or what they said?”
don’t be afraid of what’s ahead,
cuz it’s okay,
it’s alright.
make this year a good one
and don’t fear the year as dark as the night
cuz we made it through,
all thanks to you,
cuz it’s okay,
it’s alright.
We made it through!
cuz we’re strong!
we faced problems bigger than King Kong!
the only thing we proved,
is that we could do it all along,
cuz it’s okay,
and it will be alright..