“I Love You” by Lucia Martinez-Castro

by Lucia Martinez-Castro ’23

It tears me to shreds each time I hear you say it.
It carves out a small spoonful from my heart every time your utter those words
It takes small bites from my happiness and pokes needles into my sanity.
Slowly breaking what I had taken years to assemble again.
It was for you, I had taken those broken pieces that lay strewn on the ground.
It was for you I had pieced them together, to form myself again.
Because it was you I loved, and it was you who made me believe I could be whole again.
But I didn’t see the shadow in your eyes that halted your ability to truly love me.
I didn’t notice the dark side that would surface when I turned my eyes away from your lovely face.
And each day you unleashed a morsel of the wicked force you held within,
So slowly, I didn’t realize I was covered in your darkness until you had broken me again.
But I stay with you,
and I hold those broken pieces in my arms for you,
Ignoring that each time you lie through your teeth and say those three simple words,
A small fragment of me shatters.