“My house has two eyes” by Madeleine Pelletier

by Madeleine Pelletier ’20

Winner- Best Writing

My house has two eyes

I like sitting on the roof

To fulfill an image 

I only see on screens

But the tiles scratch the skin on my back

So I climb through the eye 

Back into the brain 

Protected by the old wooden skull

The desk has a mouth 

The phone has a voice 

The car has ears

I steal music from people

When they play a song

Putting it on my own playlist 

Because I like people who aren’t afraid

To talk to strangers

To dance on the street  

To listen 

So when the song plays later

When I’m alone

Peacefully brooding 

I’m reminded of talking, dancing, and listening 

And close my eyes

But the two eyes stay open 

Because it’s warm now

And the seasons change so fast

I don’t remember April

But May’s always better 

I figure

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