“2001-2015” by Mary Ellen Carroll

by Mary Ellen Carroll ’21

Winner- Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Contest

we dreamed of apple trees and fresh spring moss,

the kisses from the spruce boughs.

stuffing our pockets with berries. 

the bitterness of dandelion milk. 

i know you felt you had to make it end.

but words can’t make me feel less guilty. 

i know you’re there now. 

you’re the children who pull at their parents 

when they see my hair.

you’re the flower in my garden 

that i can’t remember planting.

you are every impassioned speech given 

by someone begging to be set free  

you are every time i place the razor down. 

i loved you when i was 13. 

i still love you when i am 17 and you would be 18. 

thank you for the apples.