“Weeping Willows” by Keegan McMahon

by Keegan McMahon ’21

I grew up with a willow tree next to my house

I buried my favorite pet under it, a mouse.

As I grew older I used to believe the tree was alive

Its long arms sweeping down at me II embracing me in a hug.

The luscious long leaves

The green and yellow so beautiful, I was in disbelief.

A slight breeze would make the long slender branches sway 

One time I thought I heard the tree talk to me, my sister said NO WAY!

When I turned sixteen the tree died 

I was in tears and lost my stride.

Crumbling to the ground in front of my childhood friend 

But the tree told me it was ok and this was the end.

Now a stump remains 

You can see the weeping willows veins.

I see a new leaf popping out 

I thought to myself, I am in doubt.

In the present day, it is a now a full sprout 

Hello, my old friend, I have missed you, it has been a long drought.