“what is left alive” by Emily Karasik

by Emily Karasik ’21

The secret of these durable pigments 

Concealed but never lost 

Implanted in the caverns of my mind

Woven through my skin into my soul

Memories that desperately reach through the wall I have built

The surface a mesmerizing facade 

Below a dark cavity where no one dares reach

I know your words

In visions iron hands you roved

I waited for an end ever fleeing me

His shade you stole from me, a refuge

You twist my words to earn your innocence

The broken pieces of myself you clutch

A shattered doll, distorted, burned

The strings you used encircled around my throat

Even in my escape, I am trapped

Immortality is a hidden prison you crafted just for me

Side note: the poem below is inspired by the book Lolita so there are lines used from the final sentence of the novel.