“What Does it Take to Become Immortal?” by Sydney Dwyer

by Sydney Dwyer ’21

The soldier gaped in sheer horror.

Tears filled his eyes as he watched 

The battalion of planes creep forward.

The static air burned

As he forced himself to breathe.

With one last shuddering breath,

He shut his eyes and prepared to die.

All at once, a toxic detonation caused everything to go silent.

Flames sparked, furling outwards with endless seems of energy,

Consuming everything.

Wails and tortured shouts created a haunted symphony,

Barley heard over the sounds of roaring flames

And the destruction of enormous skyscrapers and buildings.

Saturated with dust, smoke, and decay,

The survivors gasped the chalky air,

Trying to comprehend what just happened.

Everyone was shocked into

Absolute silence 

When they realized the extent of the damage. 

What was there to say?

How were the people supposed to describe what they just witnessed?

The everlasting fight

Finally seemed so pointless.

Nobody could comprehend its worth

After seeing somebody’s bones

Exposed from the shredded skin 

Hanging off their limbs. 

Knowing the city suffered unfathomable amounts of pain

Before being destroyed. 

Was this what it took to become immortal?

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